“How I Cured My Nasal Polyps
Naturally and Permanently”

And how you can do the same ...

I am excited to report that I have solved the mystery of nasal polyps, a disease whose etiology is unknown to medicine. I have personally now been free of this ailment for three years, after suffering from it for over a decade. I will never again have to visit an ENT specialist for this matter.

If you suffer from this condition, my findings can help you, too, to get rid of your polyps.

Background: In 2008, after my third polypectomy operation, I decided I had had enough. I started to research this subject on my own, experimenting on myself. It took me two years to fully understand what is going on. As a result, I not only freed myself from this nuisance, I am confident I now understand the cause of this disease in general (something the medical industrial complex has not been able to do).

Summary of Findings

Here is the essence of my findings in one brief paragraph:

A precondition to polyposis is a chronically inflamed nasal mucosa, often catalyzed by systemic stress. The polyps themselves are triggered by some irritant: usually a foreign protein in the bloodstream, but external triggers are also possible (for example the chlorine found in swimming pools, to name just one). The root cause, localizing the inflammation symptoms in the upper respiratory system, is psychosomatic.

If this sounds like a complex scenario, that is because it is. There are three layers at play, from top to bottom: (1) the triggered manifestation, (2) general susceptibility to inflammation, and (3) the psychosomatic root cause.

The Healing Protocol

The good news is that healing oneself from this ailment is not complicated at all. All you have to do is:

  1. discover the substance that is triggering your polyps, and eliminate it (or them) temporarily, causing your polyps to shrink;
  2. work on your constitution to lower your susceptibility to chronic inflammation, after which you can gradually re-expose yourself to the irritant(s), if you so desire; and finally
  3. work long term to neutralize the psychosomatic root cause, which will make you immune to the disease.

For practical advice on how to effectively perform each of these steps, refer to my book (see below). Also, for an explanation of what specific beliefs in your psyche form the root cause of this disease, see the respective chapter in the book—in fact, this information may be valuable to you in its own right, for the beliefs most likely also affect other parts of your life.

How soon can you expect results?

Every case is different, but... knowing what I now know, if I had to start from the beginning, I could eradicate my polyps in 2–4 weeks. In fact, while I was researching this, I deliberately induced the symptoms back on me, so I could heal myself again! I did this several times to test my findings and ensure my techniques were repeatable. For some of the experiences of other people, see the testimonials below.

Book Description

I have documented all this in my ebook Nasal Polyps: A Guide to Natural Healing, which you can get below. This book is the most comprehensive treatise on the subject of nasal polyps ever published (not that there is much competition, mind you).

As far as I can see, anyone can follow the steps I took, and say goodbye to this disease forever. So far the feedback from the book has been unanimously positive.

In addition to the healing protocol, the book contains the following:

  • Useful background information about this disease.
  • My personal polyposis story with all the missteps and lessons I learned along the way.
  • My research and how I arrived at the findings and the conclusions.
  • A compendium of all the various forms of therapies that are available. (Many of which are ineffective, but I cover those too and explain why they are ineffective.)
  • Recommended lifestyle changes to lower your susceptibility to chronic inflamation.
  • And much more ...

Look Inside: (Table of Contents)

  1. Authorʼs Foreword
  2. Diagnostic Disclaimer
  3. My Polyposis Story
    • My First Polypectomy Operation
    • The Empire (of the Polyposis) Strikes Back
    • A Time of Calmness
    • My Second Polypectomy Operation
    • My Third (and Last) Polypectomy Operation
    • I Hatch A Plan
    • Food Group Testing
    • Testing Continues
    • In Search of The Root Cause
    • A 3-Level Model of Bodily Manifestations
      • How The Rest of This Book is Structured
  4. Level 3: The Manifestation
    • Background
    • Remedies
      • Polypectomy
      • Invasive Surgery
    • Topical Treatments
      • Corticosteroid Spray
      • Grape Seed Extract, Xylitol, Saline, etc. Nasal Sprays
      • Neti Pot
  5. Level 2: Triggers
    • Nasal Polyp as an Allergic Response
      • Lag Time
      • Common Triggers
    • Your Mission: Discover Your Main Trigger
      • Best Practices
      • After Discovery
    • Building Up Your Tolerance
      • On The Biochemical Effects of Stress
      • How to Correct The Situation?
      • Yoga
      • Pranayama
      • Rebounding
      • Walking
      • Nutritional “Immunotherapy”
  6. Level 1: Root Cause
    • The True Etiology
      • The Psychosomatic Basis of Nasal Polyps
      • The Symbolism of the Manifestation
      • The Mechanism
    • What Can You Do?
  7. Appendix: Big Pharma — Did You Know?
  8. Appendix: Resources

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  • Title: Nasal Polyps: A Guide to Natural Healing
  • Author: Timo Lehtinen
  • Price: $47
  • Published: 2012-06-09
  • Language: English
  • Ebook: 50 A4-size pages (12pt font)
  • Format: PDF (printable)
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Unsolicited Reader Testimonials

From: Terry Gardner
Date: July 3, 2012

Thanks for your help. Your book is a great resource.

Terry Gardner

Answer: You are most welcome.

From: Srinivasan Parthasarathy
Date: September 21st, 2012

Dear Timo

I would like to thank you very much for the book that you made available for me to purchase as it saved me from undergoing polyps surgery.

Last month, I had severe nasal polyps in my right nostril that I could easily touch it with my fingers. I visited 3 doctors one after another all of whom insisted that I underwent the operation for there is no other way to get it out at such an advanced stage. Since they are all ENT surgeons whose income primarily depended on the operation, I took their advice with a pinch of salt and started reading several articles on the Internet when I stumbled upon your website that eventually led me to purchase your ebook. Reading your book gave me the confidence that polyps can be gotten rid of without an operation.
I followed the recommendations in the book, whilst also using Nasonex spray in parallel. Two weeks later, I could see the polyp shrinking and completely disappearing over the next 3-4 days.

Many thanks once again.


Answer: I am happy to hear about your success. You are quite welcome.

Comment: Note that I do not recommend Nasonex, or any other corticosteroid spray. When you eliminate the cause of the inflammation (and hence polyps), administering hormones into your body is unnecessary, and in general can be harmful.

From: Geraldine Avila
Date: August 19th, 2012

Hi Timo,

I have just finished your book. It was highly informative and insightful. I particularly liked the 3-level model of bodily manifestation, did you come up with it yourself? The diagram and your explanations nicely illustrate the possible occurrence of nasal polyps. It makes good sense to me. [...] I appreciate very much your effort in writing this book and making the information and your thoughts available to others. I hope it has been beneficial to various other fellow sufferers.

All the best,


Answer: Thank you for your feedback. Yes, the 3-level model is my contribution to medicine.

From: Lauren [last name withheld]
Date: October 9th, 2012

Your book has provided good support for me as I've picked up a new aggressive regimen that I've been committed to for several weeks now. [...] The polyps themselves are visibly shrinking and I have made a point to take less and less of the nasal steroid I've been on for the last year.

Thank you,

Answer: I am happy to hear about your success. You are most welcome.

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